Corkscrews - Wine Keys - Wine Openers

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Corkscrews - Wine Keys - Wine Openers

While there are hundreds of varieties of corkscrews, wine keys or wine openers, they all work in basically the same fashion. You screw one end directly into the center of the wine’s cork, and use a handle to lift the cork out of the bottle in order to enjoy your bottle of wine.

What Is A Wine Key?

A sommelier knife, waiter's friend or wine key is a corkscrew in a folding body similar to a pocket knife. It was conceived by the German Karl Wienke in 1882 and patented in Germany, England, and America. An arm extends to brace against the lip of the bottle for leverage when removing the cork. ~ Corkscrew - Wikipedia

If you want something other than a corkscrew, you can find another style of wine opener that uses cartridges to “pop” the cork out of the bottle. The pop style wine openers tend to be a little more expensive than the traditional corkscrew, but image is everything when it comes to wine, and a specialty opener may be just the extra accessory you need for your dinner parties or restaurant atmosphere.

Wine Accessories As Wine Gifts

A wine gift doesn’t necessarily have to be a bottle of wine. It can also be a gift that’s associated with wine, such as a wine key, wine glasses, drink coasters, a wine bottle holder, a wine rack, or even wine themed decor. Anything that has to do with wine is considered a wine gift, and the wine lover in your life will most certainly welcome it.

Everyone who drinks wine should have a good wine key in their house. Even if it’s an inexpensive one, it will be appreciated. However, there are wine keys that are a little more expensive that require some arm and wrist strength to open the bottle. They make great gifts for someone who loves wine but hates opening the bottles.

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