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Wine Aerator - Yukiss® Premium Wine Decanter Pourer and Crystal Breather Excellent for Whiskey, Red Wine - Deluxe Bar Equipment, Best Wine Dispenser, Spout Gift Set for Men and Women

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Manufacturer Description

We all know that wine needs time to breathe but what happens when you forget to open the bottle in advance, or you simply don't have time?

Today's fast pace of life means that we don't always have time to prepare things well in advance, and wine is no exception. Traditionally a decanter is used for wine aeration but now there is no need for such a time consuming step.

Aerating Pourer is a example of contemporary style and utility. We've found it is no longer necessary to sit and wait for our bottles of wine to breathe! Just pop the cork, put on the aerating pourer, and the wine is ready to pour and drink instantly. Not only do we love it, but so do our guests!!

So Why Choose The Yukiss Wine Aerator? Here Are The Benefits...
* Simple to fit! The Yukiss Wine Aerator fits snugly into your wine bottle with an air tight seal, meaning no drips when you pour that perfect glass of wine!
* Easy to clean! There's no problem cleaning your wine aerator so you can enjoy perfect glasses of wine time and time again.
* Replaces time consuming decanters. Aerate your wine to release aromas and flavors as you pour.

When the wine flows through the wine pourer, the unique regulator would regulate the flow into a cavity, for the wine to touch air first, and the point of aerating of wine and air, bubbles would be formed indicating the prefect wine aeration. Finally when the wine flows out from the trumpet shaped spout, the tannins that would affect wine tasting have been oxidized and reduced, thus the flavor and bouquet of wine is well enhanced.

How To Use:
* Connect the air tube with the wine pourer.
* Insert into the wine bottle.
* Pour wine as usual.


NO WAIT - STRAIGHT TO THE TASTE! Wine needs to breathe; our Yukiss wine aerator does this perfectly as you pour. Aerate wine when pouring, provides immediate aerating of your wine, instant flavor boost! Our Wine Aerator releases the wine's flavor and aromas in the time it takes to pour a glass. DOUBLE WINE AERATION STAGES. The aeration system allows the wine to be aerated inside the bottle, as well as during pouring. It's decanting as pouring and faster the aeration process for the air comes from the three air holes. Enjoy true wine flavor. Smooth and sophisticated! INNOVATIVE DESIGN FITS ON ANY WINE BOTTLE. Our wine aerator fits straight into your wine bottle to create an air tight seal. The drip-less pour allows you to serve up perfectly aerated and flavorful glasses of wine in an instant. Food grade acrylic made for easy attachment that allows hands free aerating. PORTABLE. Compact portable size makes easy for travel--no stand needed. Handy box size: 16cm (Length) x 7cm (Width) x 4cm (High). Enjoy your wine everywhere. UNIQUE AND FASHIONABE DESIGHN, SUITABLE FOR GIFT. You will receive a high quality item with luxury package box. A practical, elegant and affordable gift for many occasions!!! Such as a unique gifts for: Valentine's Day * surprise you wife * stocking stuffer *