Unique Gifts For Wine Lovers


wrapped gift boxTo help you find that perfect gift for the wine aficionado in your life this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of some favourite and unique gifts for wine lovers. There’s something to suit every taste and budget, so we’re sure you’ll find some great gift ideas here.

Unique gifts for wine lovers can be beautiful, whimsical, funny, extravagant or practical. The key is to avoid the obvious gift of a bottle of wine and choose the more creative gift ideas. 

Most of these original wine gifts are available at reasonable prices, so here we go: 

Let’s start with this funny and unique wine gift for wine enthusiasts: This Is Probably Wine 11 oz. Mug

A perfect funny gift for any wine lover who simply has to have their tipple of wine, no matter what it may come in, no wine glasses allowed. Only a mug will do! 

The key is to choose a gift that will honor the wine lover’s passion in a memorable way. 

Gift baskets are a great idea and they come in so many different sizes and shapes. Usually a wine gift basket will consist of a couple of different types of wine, a couple of different types of cheeses, a creative looking cork screw and a few other random wine related items. These baskets make great gifts for wine lovers.

Fixing A Sparkling Wine Problem

One of the most annoying problems for sparkling wine lovers is what to do when you’d like a little bubbly but you just can’t finish off the bottle yourself. The CapaBubbles sparkling wine re-sealer is indeed the answer. 

For many, sharing a bottle of wine with someone is a great way to bond. Opening a bottle during a nice meal or over the holidays makes for a great evening sure to be filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

Save The Wine!

As much as we all love drinking our wine, there are times when we just can’t finish an entire bottle. Wine drinkers who live alone know what I’m talking about. The good news is that an opened bottle of wine can still be good for a few days, but during that time it’s a race against oxidation. The Vacu Vin Wine Saver really helps preserve opened bottles by sucking out excess air to keep the precious wine inside from going bad too quickly. It’s a great, affordable gift for any wine lover, and the small size also makes it a perfect stocking-stuffer. 

Wine Gadgets Are Made For Gifting

Wine lovers know that decanting wine can improve the taste and vibrancy of the wine. Ditch the standard shapes for elegant lines, bubble-shaped decor, hand-blown glass, and even branch-shaped containers. The result will be a conversation piece with jaw-dropping appeal.

The range of gadgets for the wine enthusiast is impressive. Red wine fans, will love the Conundrum Wine Decanter and Glasses , uniquely shaped to bring out the full flavor of the wine with a swirling sophistication that only true wine lovers will appreciate.

Rules For Wine Storage 

Any wine enthusiast will tell you that there are specific rules for wine storing temperatures. While white wine should be chilled, red is best kept at room temperature and this simple fact can help you find the perfect gift for your friend.

Wine Journals   

Experienced wine lovers often keep accurate records of the different wines they have enjoyed. A beginning wine lover might want to start keeping similar records from the first bottle. In both cases, a leather-bound wine journal can be a great gift.

Just about any well chosen gift is sure to bring a smile to the face of the connoisseur in your life.

Trendy And Cool 

A really cool gift for wine lovers would be a beautiful set of stemless wine glasses. These are great because they don’t tip over as easily as regular glasses, and of course they are really trendy and cool. These stemless glasses are perfect for people who like to drink wine outside at BBQs or other events where there might not be steady tables. The stemless wine glasses can be placed on picnic tables and other surfaces without the fear of them tipping over and spilling wine everywhere. And even though they are stemless, they still have a design that allows you to appreciate the aroma and flavor of the wine. 

Budget Friendly

If your wine lover needs a great gift and the budget is rather limited, a wine jacket might be a good choice. These are available in a variety of price ranges, from a few dollars for plastic wraps that can be put in the freezer for an hour or two to the more expensive designer ice jackets that cost $40 to $60 dollars.  Here are three wine jackets that range in price from about $20 to $23.00 and $32.50

What Budget …

Here are a few practical, aspirational and outrageous gadgets for the wine-lover in your life. With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ve chosen items to suit every taste and an unconstrained budget.

Coravin is a game changing wine access system, which allows users to pour wine without popping the cork. Coravin technology works by passing a thin, hollow needle through the foil and cork of a bottle and into the wine. The bottle is then pressurized with argon gas in order to push the wine back through the needle and into a glass without any oxygen entering the bottle. It’s the only tool that lets you pour from a wine bottle without pulling the cork. You will be convinced that the Coravin Model Two Plus Pack Wine Preservation System is definitely a game changer.

Wine Suitcase

The VinGardeValise is a rolling hard shell suitcase lined with high-density, temperature-regulating foam that protects bottles while in transit, helping wine lovers bring their beloved bottles home from their travels. It weighs around 20kg when packed with a dozen 75cl bottles, making it under the limit for a checked bag with most airlines. If you only want to take a couple of bottles home, the remaining foam can be removed from the 45 x 30 x 66cm case to make room for other travel essentials. Created by wine accessory designer Barry Wax, the Vin Garde Valise took three years to develop and is considered “virtually indestructible”. Perfect for the roving wine lover in your life. 

Riedel Swan Decanter

Make a spectacle of yourself at your next dinner party with this extravagant decanter from the world renown glassware giant Riedel.  Riedel’s Swan Decanter has been designed to mimic the curvature of a swan forming a “J” shape with an “exaggeratedly elongated straight neck that narrows to the elliptical lip”. The swan is mouth-blown and made of lead crystal and is capable of holding a standard 750ml bottle of wine.


wrapped gift boxLook through our wine lovers gift guide and see what wine accessories you find.  Your gift is sure to become a staple in a wine lover’s home.wrapped gift box